best education e-EDUCATION @ sarso

best education e-EDUCATION @ sarso
healthy wealthy & INSANIAT LIVES

May 30, 2011


'SARSO BIZNET International Pvt. Ltd. (hereby shortened as SARSO) adhered to its philosophy of SHARING ACHIEVEMENTS and REJUVENATING SOCIETY is the result of entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

With an outlook towards the future, SARSO works to serve Society with outstanding products and services, opportunities for education and career advancement, state-of-the-art business concepts while offering wellness to lives . To SARSO, Wellness is a word which means Immense Positive Implications not restricted to merely the Physical or Emotional, the Mental or the Spiritual but should cover even the Financial and Social aspects of life.

With a humble beginning restricted to Education and Health sector, over the years SARSO,envisions to become a Diversfied Business Conglomerate.

 "The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of VALUES." »William Ralph Inge

What brings ‘SARSO – “Heads and Hearts”’ (what we call our Diligent SBOs) together in building an organization that has a unique culture is our value system. Every  HEAD and HEART is driven by our core values of Truthfulness & Wellness,Honesty & Generousity , Passion & Compassion,Learning & Achieving, Caring &Sharing, and Social Responsibility,held by LEADERSHIP and governed by SARSO Code of Conduct.. Everything we are, everything we do, and everything we believe in revolves around our  values and the distinct culture that we have built.

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